Call for Special Issue

Call for Special Issue

Call For Submission


Dear Author,

Today, the concepts of digitalization and sustainability have gained importance all over the world. For his purpose, Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches decided to publish a special issue about sustainability and digital transformation in October 2023.

Qualified articles which are written in English will be included in this special issue. Our issue is open to disciplines of Social Sciences. No publication fee will be charged for articles in this special issue.

Deadline is 20. August 2023

Some subheadings:

  • Sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Green production
  • Green consumption
  • Recycling
  • Green logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Green marketing
  • Digitalization in management and organization
  • Digital approaches in marketing
  • Twins transition
  • Digital transformation in business
  • Digital transformation in production
  • Digital transformation in logistics and supply chain
  • Artificial intelligence applications
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Smart cities and Sustainability
  • Smart cities and digital transformation
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Big data analytics
  • Metaverse and its applications
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Electric vehicles
  • The Islamic approach to digital transformation
  • New techniques and applications in digitalization
  • Digitalization and Economics
  • Sustainability and Economic Development

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